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Hello loves

I just finished my second day of college, but all I can think about are those two amazing weeks in Greece. Seriously, I’m still in need of vacation sooo bad. And olives. And feta. Make that a lot of feta.

After 4 amazing days in Santorini it was time to catch our ferry to the next island. Ios! With absolutely no idea where we would sleep the next couple of days and where we would end up, we were ready to plunge in the adventure. Even the signs of seasickness on top of our café frappés on that bloody ferry couldn’t ruïn our day.







Bikini: Bikinibiza

Actually we were surprised by the amount of hotel owners awaiting the ferries to enter the port, attracting tourists. A bad experience we had with the owner of Far Out Beach Club who pushed us to come to his hotel and wasn’t friendly at all. Luckily, not much later we ended up in Ios Resort. It’s a hotel in the middle of the city, the beach is 5 minutes by bus. Clean rooms, a big pool and the most awesome boss EVER! I’d recommend this place to all of you!

Apart from exploring the city by daylight and going out at night in the countless bars Ios has, we spent our days at the beach and Karma Beach Bar for a delicious Greek salad. We did a big boat tour and saw the sea turning slowly crystal clear blue. We went snorkeling and swimming in caves when the waves were very wild, result: scratches everywhere and our heads almost banged against the rocks. But so worth it!




Bikini: H&M, Sunnies: Dior, Necklace: jeweller Ios







Dress: market place Saint Tropez, Sandals: Ravissante Saint Tropez



Ios is so different from Santorini because it lacks a bit the typical blue and white houses in the landscape, but nature is so much more beautiful in Ios. Maybe you saw the sunset pictures on my Instagram profile, which we watched one night from the loading ramp of an old Toyota. I never saw so many beautiful colors all at once in my life.

Waw, telling you all about this trip makes me wanna go back so badly. It’s so weird when you realise that your next summer vacation is only in one long year, isn’t it?

Can’t wait to show you part III of our #thesisterhoodroute, Mykonos!
Lots of kisses,

xo ornella

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