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The French Riviera. The perfect place to relax and take a moment for yourself. Don’t think about anything. Just go and have the time of your life.

The past two weeks were the third time I payed a visit to Saint Tropez already, and I just can’t get enough of it. I guess this trip will continue to be annual (things could get worse), which means this section is gonna bulge out with blog posts, year after year, yiha!

One of the real first things I go do when I arrive at Saint Tropez, is visit the market place. Honestly, you can find the most beautiful lace and embroidered tuniques here! This year, among other things, I found this cute dress with golden details. I matched it with my headband from Maison Louise Collection (available at Mamuli Conceptstore) and my bag from Lino&Lana in Lier for an afternoon at the beach with a DJ set from Watermät. The beach is called ‘Eden Plage’, and is supposed to be the new hotspot among the beaches of Pampelonne. Personally, I prefer other ones. Although our lunch was really delicious, I think there’s a lot more to do and you’ll jump in to way more people you know at Moorea Plage or Nikki Beach. This year you could find me celebrating Fête des Belges at Moorea again, and I had a blast!

I had the opportunity to relax after my internship at the hospital (which turned out to be great, so I’m really happy about my evaluation!), butttt I also started to study for the exams I have to retake this month. I’ll do my very best to post regularly, because omg, my files are filled with gorgeous outfits to show you.

Bisous, et à bientôt!

xo ornella









Dress, hat and Karl Lagerfeld like-doll: Market Place // Earrings: Chanel // Bag: Lino&Lana Lier // Headband: Maison Louise Collection // Sunnies: Ray Ban

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