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I guess it’s three or four years ago now that I spent a wonderful vacation in Thailand. It’s in our luxurious, almost honeymoon-like hotel that I met Kim and her sister Kelly. They run a known fashionblog in The Netherlands, that actually became more like a platform: We Heart Fashion. We all had such a great time that week and I remember that Kelly owned her very first blog back then, named Fussylife. Eversince, I never lost their adventure- or outfitposts out of sight!

I asked Kim some quick questions because I thought it would be great for you to get to know her (and WHF) a little better. This gorgeous face even walked some real great shows at Fashion Week! You’ll understand soon enough… A busy bee she is!


Age: 21

#1: On WHF we can follow your personal diary. Of all places you visited for modeling jobs, which one is your favorite?

New York is definitely my favorite city. I’ve been there a few years ago for the first time (to follow an English course) and fell in love with the city. Last February I was there again for two months of work, best time ever!

#2: A blogging model: you seem quite busy! What do you like so much about blogging for WHF?

I like fashion and I like to write, so telling about my modeling stories is the perfect combination :).



#3: Most memorable job ever?

Shooting and filming in one of the most famous penthouses located in Soho, NY. In the most beautiful Ralph Lauren dresses!

>Interested in the results of that filming part? Just click here!

#4: I remember when I met you and your sister Kelly that you had quit modeling to study and get a degree. How did that work out? And what made you start shooting again?

I decided to quit modeling to focus on my study and besides that I didn’t really enjoy modeling that much anymore. I’ve finished 3 years of college and few months ago I decided to quit my study to focus on modeling again, I like it much more these days than I did when I was younger.


Kim and Kelly

#5: Do you have any plans for the near future you can tell us? And if the choice was only yours: where would you place yourself in 3 years?

I don’t know about my plans but I do know that I want to enjoy life and travel the world as much as possible. I would place myself back in college in 3 years :)! (I think I’ve seen a lot of places of the world by that time!)


KIM JASPERS| Ulla Models NL/Belgium, Ford Models NY/Paris, Supa Models London, Special Management Milan, Diva Models Copenhagen, MD Models Hamburg, Model Pool Düsseldorf.

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