Meet the model: Jenna Peij

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This is Jenna Peij, or shall we say… Doutzen Kroes? The resemblance is striking. Jenna is only 17 years old but promised to become a topmodel. With several publications in Vogue, I am sure we will hear from this Belgian beauty in the future. I asked Jenna some questions so you could get to know her a little better!

1. How do you prepare for a shoot and of what do you make sure it is in your bag?

Most of the time I wake up really early to make sure my face isn’t swollen anymore. Also, I eat before I go to the job. I always take my book with me so the team can see what style would fit me best for the make-up and hair. I also take my earphones with me and I make sure that my phone is fully loaded.



Photographer; Lorenzo Naudts

2. Style you most like to be photographed in?

I love a more edgy style or just very simple, like jeans, white shirt and a leather jacket. I love it when the photoshoot’s styling is cool.

3. What’s the best or coolest job you ever had?

I did Vogue 5 times and that has always been very spectacular to do, I did it 3 times for the Italian kids Vogue and 2 times for the Italian Sposa Vogue for brides. I also did an underwater shoot a few years ago in Paris that was amazing as well!


Photographer; Felicia Van Ham


Photographer; Adam Von Mack

4. Does modelling work get hard some times? Or do you meet a lot of new friends?

It gets hard because you need to watch your diet and you have to be available whenever they need you to work. But overall I think it’s a great way to earn money and get to know new people.

5. What’s your biggest dream?

I want to have the same carreer as Doutzen Kroes or Candice Swaenepoel and work for Victoria’s Secret.


Photographer; Charlotte Abramow

Jenna Peij, Dominique Models

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