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Two weeks ago, I met one of Belgium’s new young designers: Michèle Mottrie. According to her ‘Show what you got, hide what you need’ motto, she designed the cutest bags ever made in Fashionland: Mìmo was born!

Since I want to help young Belgian designers and offer them a place in the spotlights, I was really enthusiastic about Michèles concept. One reason was because I am crazy about Belgian fashion, therefore I want the Belgian fashion industry to get even more attention than it already gets. Secondly ofcourse, because it’s always fun to partner up with creative, fresh minded people. I must say that I get really inspired by their drive and guts: chasing your dreams while doing your own thing, will no matter what lead to infinite success in my eyes. Michèle is one of those people.

Tonight I’m showing you the first out of three looks with the currently available three Mìmo bags. What I love so much about them, is their two compartment structure: in one compartment you put all of the stuff you want people to see. These are the objects that define you as a person. I guess in my case that would be a kilogram of glitter and fluffy ear muffs, if only that was possible haha! In the other, secret compartment, you can put all of the kinky stuff you don’t want anyone to see. Now can you come up with something cooler than that?

I took advantage of the fact that this gorgeous bag was a blue one, to show up with my blue sequin cardigan I bought at Must Have Knokke. I went for a careless look, since this is how I love to walk around most of the time. With my head in the clouds, daydreaming like a freak, as usual. I think this cloud printed Mìmo bag is again the perfect representation of my personality ;).

Enjoy the pictures, and just so you won’t forget: BUY BELGIAN!
Love, Ornella

DSC_0019 - kopie

DSC_0024 - kopie

DSC_0030 - kopie

DSC_0041 - kopie

DSC_0054 - kopie

DSC_0065 - kopie

I was wearing; Blue sequin cardigan by Lee And Me, boyfriend jeans by H&M (old co), Stan Smiths via Bellerose, blue Mìmo bag.

❤ Pictures by Andreas Versteeg and Annelies Schrevens

  • Elien
    april 11, 2016

    Echt een mooi tasje, zo speciaal.
    En de outfit is gewoon af!

    X Elien

    • Ornella Sacré
      april 12, 2016

      Dankje Elien, tof om te horen! xxx

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