The Recycled Zara Boots

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Hello girls!

I bet everyone of you already went through this: while busy composing your outfit and turning your entire wardrobe upside down, you find something you had totally forgotten the existence of, all wrapped up, in the back of your closet. That’s exactly how I rediscovered my good old black Zara boots (which accidentally turn out to get back in style next season) a few weeks ago!

I must admit that after I bought them at the Zara store in Knokke, I never really wore them and I’m speaking of 4 years ago already! Except for that year’s Nacht van ‘t Zoute, it happened that I put them on. Afterwards I must have gotten tired of them, but I think I rather just didn’t know how to combine them right. After a couple of years of fashion blogging experience, I think they showed up right on time ;).

A more Fall-ish look today, even if that doesn’t stroke at all with the tropical temperatures for the rest of this week. By the time I found my black beauties again, the talented Pauline Leclère invited me for a stroll through the streets of Brussels and to shoot some outfits. We had a blast! Since it was much colder that day, I thought that a little pre-Autumn inspo post would be nice!

I always dreamed of a nice (fake) leather jacket that would match my blue eyes, one that would finish every outfit flawlessly without too much trying. Back in July while sales shopping, I fell head over heels with this one from Zara (and yes this is from the new collection, ahum). There was one thing that stopped me from taking it home to a safe place in my closet. I’m talking ’bout the fact that I’d already spotted it a gazillion times passing me by in the streets. I decided to ask your opinions via snapchat for the first time(thesacredcloset), which turned out to be all so positive! I put my pride aside, went to the pay desk and did NOT regret my decision, thanks to you hihi.

What I DID buy in sales, are these starry pants, blouse and boho necklace. The blouse and necklace are def going with me to my yearly trip to St Tropez at the end of September! I guess they fit as good over a white bikini on the beach as above a jeans on my way to college!

I’ll let you discover this look at ease while I’m packing my bags for a five day trip to Porto with my boyfriend, and I think I’m going to start packing tonight or tomorrow for my medical internship in Peru too. I’ll be off for quite a while (the internship lasts three weeks) so I won’t post regularly! You can keep following me on Instagram on my adventures though (ornellasacre) :). After Peru I’m planning to post a big article with my experience on the gynaecology and obstetrics department, and of the excursions I’m about to do. Something very different from what I’m used to post and write about, but in the end that’s what keeps my business more exciting isn’t it? Yep, next month will be a month filled with first-times, catching planes and moments to cherish for the rest of my life.

Did you buy a lot in sales this season, or did you find anything in your closet just like me to ‘recycle’? And what are your vacation plans for the rest of Summer? I’d love to hear your stories.
Love, Ornella








❤ Pics by P.Elle Photography

I was wearing: Zara boots, jacket and blouse, pants from Rose Metal Waterloo, Pimkie socks, necklace unkown store Waterloo, Hermès bracelet.

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