The Blair Waldorf Dress

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Hello guys!

I couldn’t wait to finally show you this beautiful dress I bought at the beginning of July in Sevilla, when I was there to visit one of my best friends Ysys. She just finished her Erasmus year in Psychology there! What I could deduce from her ‘almost-black’ tan and the amazing stories she told me, was that she had had the time of her life. Maybe a better way to describe her journey: a whole life in one year. I can’t wait for myself to go study or have my internship abroad, and ideally, far far away.

Anyway, besides from having the best tapas every day and Ysys showing me the main places of interest, like the cathedral, Plaza de España and the Real Alcazar where they shot some scenes from Game of Thrones (honestly I’m not a fan of the series, but I guess 98% of people reading this are, so here’s one bit of trivia ;)), we -of course- went shopping! In a super beautiful store named ‘Latifa’, which I prefer to call the hidden closet of Blair Waldorf, I found this dress. No, I found the love of my life.

Actually, it is two sizes too big. But no way that I left that place without that dress in a beautiful pink bag and looots of bows and glitter wrapped around it! Just one quick visit to the seamstress made it fit like it was made for me. Funny fact: I noticed that whenever wearing it, it brings out its magic power that makes you feel like you can conquer the world just like only Queen B can do. Instant ab fab feeling!

Unfortunately it’s now hanging in the best spot of my closet and I’m studying behind my desk again… Just ten more days, and we’ll be reunited.

Have a great weekend!

xo ornella









I was wearing: Latifa dress, Louis Vuitton clutch, Lodi heels, Fairy Pretty earrings, Michael Kors watch and Dior sunnies.

  • Marlies
    september 1, 2015

    Wow, love this dress! Indeed, very Blair alike 🙂
    Good luck with your studies, I’ve never studied abroad, but from friends I heard it’s an amazing experience.

    • Ornella Sacré
      september 1, 2015

      Thanks Marlies!
      Ik heb je blog bekeken en ben fan! Kom ik zeker eens terug

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