The Agadir Diaries: A walk in town

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Our first few days in Agadir have been so relaxing, I took a moment off for myself. Nevertheless, also the wi-fi problems in our resort were a reason why you didn’t hear from me earlier. Everything seems solved right now! I’m currently writing you while sipping my fresh tea with mint leaves and honey. Oh yeah.

Yesterday we went for a walk in town. I love to meet people and to get acquainted with different cultures. And so we did! To travel as often as I can to as much as possible countries is one of my life goals. To see the world and leave a mark, is what I want to achieve.

I can’t believe it’s Tuesday already. Time flies when you’re having fun! I’m going to plan a massage now, and maybe a camel trip! Main purpose of this week: relax, drink rosé, and bronze.

Have a wonderful day, in whatever you do!
You’ll hear from me soon.
Ciao habibi!

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XO Ornella

I was wearing

Malene Birger blouse and scarf
Abercrombie ripped jeans
Chiara Ferragni golden slip-ons











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