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Hi guys!

Today I’m showing you this breathtaking look (I mean, I’m in love) that I shot with Annelies in a big rose garden close to where I live. You’ll see more of the beautiful roses that grow there in the next outfit posts I’m about to write! Fact: I was chased by dozens of geese while taking this series of pictures! As guards of the tiny castle that lies in the middle of the rose garden, they had to protect their territory of course. (I guess the suitcase full of outfits I was carrying with me scared them the most). Anyway, after a while of us both running away from them in great hilarity, we were finally able to shoot since the geese were done annoying and making fun out of us. As you can see, some were even interested in making the most out of their modeling career. Such posers!

Well, I suppose I’ve just created enough atmosphere for the rest of this article. Let’s talk about what I’m wearing! Whoever saw my unpacking videos on Instagram stories (the ones I did only for the second time, it’s something still new to me!) has already seen this off-shoulder flower dress live. I ordered it on SheIn on a heavy study day because I was in need of some distraction, together with loads of other stuff I’m about to show you soon. I loved it from the moment I tried it on! Everything about is very ‘me’: the off-shoulder detail, the layering that turns lower at the back but shorter in front, the flower print that’s not too in your face. I love the way it lifts up (not too high to reveal anything though) with the wind when I’m walking and the dreamy accent it gives my overall look. !Not unimportant for a Chinese website: the quality of the dress is more than good enough, especially for the low prices you pay. I’m sure this dress will go along for more than 1 season. Oh, and if you’re worrying about the customs charges: SheIn takes care of that too. If you want to shop it yourself, the direct link is in the ‘I Was Wearing’-section down below!

I combined my dreamy flower dress with a pair of glittery golden stiletto’s from BOBO Tremelo. I don’t wear them often because of 2 reasons. 1. I’m not a girl that wears heels all the time like they’re my favorite, comfy white sneakers, and 2. I have so little stuff to combine them with (at least, I think).  If you’re planning your next visit to BOBO, I recommend you to be quick since they’re closing at the end of 2017, for good. I know, I know. Let’s all get a box of Kleenex and cry our eyes out together, shall we?

To create the rest of this look, I used my new Boutique Moschino purse that I bought in Maastricht when I was there for Fashionclash Festival, my vintage Dior choker necklace and a black straw hat.

Hoping you love this look,
Love, Ornella


I was wearing; SheIn off-shoulder flower dressBoutique Moschino purse ❤ BOBO Tremelo heels ❤ black straw hat from St Tropez’s market placeDior vintage choker ❤ Imagin jewels bracelet ❤ Cartier watch

_MG_8637 (2)

_MG_8647 (2)

_MG_8657 (2)


_MG_8662 (2)

_MG_8663 (2)

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_MG_8675 (2)

_MG_8698 (2)

_MG_8708 (2)

_MG_8716 (2)

_MG_8720 (2)

_MG_8722 (2)

_MG_8724 (2)

_MG_8728 (2)

_MG_8735 (2)

_MG_8733 (2)

_MG_8736 (2)


❤ Pictures by Annelies Schrevens.

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