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Although it’s Fall, I keep wearing skirts and dresses to class every single day. I’m in love with this warm and easy weather that makes it perfectly possible for us girls to still pull off some bare legged-looks. To keep this blog and myself up-to-date regarding the contingency of seasons in our little country though, I planned in to shoot this furry look. Perfect for in a few days or weeks, when it will be chilly outside without any doubt!

For this look I opted for light fabric pants in order to combine it with a sleeveless faux fur jacket. Not too warm, not too cold, just like it should be this time of the year! Underneath I’m wearing my black satin and lace body from For Love & Lemons that I bought last Christmas at LIV, a Scandinavian boutique in Leuven. They got so so many beautiful things but inevitably, those are also very pricey. Each time I stop by their shop I make sure to pick only clothes that’d be worth the investment. I wore this body already with heels and my Flavio Castellani ensemble, what made the outfit look even more bad-ass than you’ll see here . In this article I’m showing you a more basic way to style the body, and this is what I really enjoy to wear on a daily base. I’m planning to buy some black long trousers with loose-fitting legs soon, I’m sure that the combination would be stunning too!

On my feet you can spot my SVNTY Antwerp sneakers again that I recently wrote about in this Opera post. I’m wearing them for some weeks now -but not even on a daily base- and I noticed several little flowers fell off already! I don’t think the little bald spots ever attracted anyones attention already, but for the price they’ve cost (nonetheless 200 euros!) this ‘manufacturing fault’ really is a shame.

About my current daily life, I’ve picked up my student life again this week! So far I love going to class and subjects matter so I think I’ll do better attending them than the past few years, lol. I’ve also signed up for a basic German course after hesitating way too long, because now that I’ve set the first step I’m really glad that I will be picking up language studying again. I find it so much fun to learn another language and to be able to make yourself intelligible abroad in as many countries as possible is something I strive for. I realised that if I wouldn’t do this now that I actually never will. And maybe I can get a medical internship for 2019 in a German or Swiss hospital this way, who knows?

Love, Ornella

P.S.: If you wanna meet my ultra cool black buddy I met during shooting this look, scroll down babe!

I was wearing; BOBO Tremelo faux fur & pants ❤ For Love & Lemons body ❤ SVNTY Antwerp sneakers

















❤ Pictures by Annelies Schrevens.

  • Yolisa
    september 29, 2017

    Yessssss come to Switzerland baby!!! Binnenkort woon ik daar, in the German part! Dus kom maar af zou ‘k zeggen 😘

    • Ornella Sacré
      september 29, 2017

      oh keitof Yolisa! Nu overweeg ik het zeker haha wow, wonen !! Da ging snel 😉 dikke kus x

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