OUTFIT | How To Rock Your Ethnic Dress And Overknees

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Hi guys!

First of all I’d like to thank you for the mass of support and kind words I received on my entry for Zalando’s Creative Content Icon. The goal of the competition was to create meaningful content around a fashion topic. We received full carte blanche, and that’s what I liked so much about it! I was free to display my figments and creativity, eventually to levels that I didn’t even know myself I could reach them. I’ve never been a super creative person, that’s why 😉 .

Anyway, I was and still am very proud of my entry, it reflects what I wanted and needed to say about this industry perfectly. Unfortunately, out of more than a hundred entries I didn’t make it to be selected with the 4 nominees. In this way, I’d like to congratulate them with their nominations, and wish them the best of luck in the running for the title of Creative Content Icon! I’ve already got a favorite ;).

Although I didn’t make it to be part of the coveted last four, I will make it to the award show though! It takes place next Friday, 25th of November in Antwerp. Will I maybe see you there? ❤

Now let’s talk about what you guys are really here for, shall we? I don’t know about you, but I’ve actually never been really fond of this type of ethnic prints. Not because of it’s brisk character trait; I think only 10% of my closet contains plain, unicolor, simple garments. I think that it are the weird, geometric figures on it that I usually don’t like. But when I saw this dress at the fashion show of Les Filles d’Anvers… Hold. Up. Feminine, one-of-a-kind, splendid. Just everything that other ethnic clothes are so not -regarding my opinion, of course. Mind the fluffy shoulder, wrist and neck details! From the second I put it on, I felt like some Russian princess or something haha! Yep, I think it’s a match made in heaven.

Combined with black overknees, or high heels: I think this pretty will be one of my outfits for the upcoming holidays. I’m already excited! And while already making plans for Christmas, I’ve got something to look forward to this weekend: tonight I’m leaving for Zürich to visit a friend from college on Erasmus! I’ll regularly post on Instagram to give you a look of this beautiful city, and maybe a hotspot post wouldn’t be bad. I’m happy to discover something new again, and to spend some precious time with my friends.

Love, Ornella








Details: Les Filles d’Anvers dress, Reiss overknees, Karl Lagerfeld bag, Zadig&Voltaire coat.

❤ Pics by Annelies Schrevens

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