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I hardly ever find something suitable enough for myself in sales. Whether it’s not available in my size anymore or whether it’s just rubbish of poor quality: I’ve seriously experienced it all. Nope, sales aren’t my favorite time of the year. One of the rare exceptions when it comes to shopping sales in my case are this badass floral bomber jacket and blouse from Marccain! This brand is one that actually my Mom always used to prefer above others: one of the first shops she had to visit on our golden shopping trips. I never thought I’d find my happiness inside that store but to my surprise, I managed to come out with two bags full of treasures the last time. Among them, this pink blouse and bomber jacket. The quality of the blouse is extremely good, and what’s also great is that it doesn’t need much ironing. About the bomber jacket, it is one size above my own (M instead of S) but I like the subtle ‘oversized’ detail. In fact, it’s just perfect for keeping me warm on chilly Summer days, like the ones we’re currently dealing with in Belgium!

I’m aware of the fact that this look is VERY pink-ish and therefore maybe considered inconvenient to some people. I must admit that I wouldn’t wear this kind of combo’s often myself, but I like to be extra sometimes and open frontiers. About being extra by the way, I pinned my PiNNED by K floral pins to some plateau shoes  to add some more extraness. I’m a little disappointed in the quality of the shoes though; directly after I put them on they were already scratched over, even though I didn’t hit anything that could cause such damage!

Note; I bought a white, chique looking sweat suit from the same brand and combined it with the bomber jacket. This combo is just perfect for traveling and I already wore it on my flights to and back from Romania! Next week Ibiza’s up on the schedule, so I’ll definitely know what to wear.

I hope you love this girly, sporty look!
Love, Ornella

I was wearing; Marccain floral bomber jacket & blouse ❤ ZARA pants ❤ BLANKA Waterloo plateau shoes ❤ Boutique Moschino purse ❤ PiNNED by K pins via La Bottega HasseltEssentiels Jewelry bracelet


















❤ Pictures by Annelies Schrevens

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