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Hello lovers ❤

Tonight I’m welcoming you on the blog for the last time this year, with an outstanding outfit I’m personally really fond of. The past few weeks I’ve been quite absent here, and also my every day posting on Instagram has diminished within the same timeframe. And although it’s been good taking a break from my usual so-called social media-addiction, there’s no need to worry. I am already brainstorming about next subjects, articles and video material for 2018! I had some other outfit posts planned for you this month, but unfortunately I’m forced to postpone their publication until February. The reason why also explains my recent (temporary) neglect of TSC: exam season coming up and therefore piles of things to do!

Last week I already had two exams, among them my final German test of the extracurricular course I followed this semester. I am extremely glad I took those lessons, especially while looking back to the end of September when I was endlessly doubting whether to take them or not. To be honest I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to combine extra courses and the maintenance of a foreign language with my studies, which obviously already absorb half (maybe even 3/4) of my life. And last but not least, I’ve got TSC and several social media accounts to run. The big personal project I launched almost 4 years ago, ofcourse requires updates, renoveling and a regular posting scheme. In addition, I’m nothing like the student that only spends time with her books and I like to go out and connect with people. I must admit that my social life sometimes claims a little too much of the necessary ‘me-time’. Needless to say that I was quite stressed out about the whole organization and my own managing skills. Turns out I am soooo happy I just jumped into the adventure, because I only profited of my impulsive decision. Not only have I met extraordinary people, I also have notions of another language AND I’ll be an intern in a German, Austrian or Swiss hospital in 2019. You see, it’s true that only exquisite things result from acting out of your comfort zone.

To focus on the rest of my exams in January, no articles will be published until after my vacation to Oman at the beginning of February. That trip is something I look forward to so much already, since it’ll be a really adventurous one with sleeping in the desert, with the locals and crossing the country in a 4×4 with two friends. I’ll be making lots of pictures that I’ll undoubtedly share with you from the moment I get home (well, at least in case that demanding social life of mine doesn’t interfere haha).

I wish you all the best of luck with exams and a happy new year. I really hope 2018 brings you what you’ve always dreamed of. And in case this year wasn’t really good to you, let’s say ciao adios together to it because I mainly hated it too lol.


I was wearing; Shein dungarees (sold out but so many pretty new things are up!) ❤ Tiger tshirt Fame St Tropez (passage du port) ❤ Necklaces from market places in Ibiza & Mykonos ❤ Essentiel leather lammy jacket and clutch ❤ Auguste black boots ❤ H&M poppy earrings
















❤ Pictures by P.Elle Photographie

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