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Going out for coffee is one of my favorite things to do. To have a chat around it, or just by myself: I truly think it’s still one of the rare, most peaceful activities in this overbusy world. That’s why I grabbed one with Pauline, one of my sporadic go-to photographers. My coffee break was not that familiar this time though, because we spent it in the heart of Brussels. It’s a shame to live so closely to a city you barely even know, it’s true. I’m slowly making up for that though!

We strolled by by chance, but the soft and colourful blankets outside already catched my eye. The terrace, so warmly illuminated that even the most negative-minded critics wouldn’t have a single argument against this place. I’m talking about Café Novo, and its modest way of serving the right amount of cappu on a trivial Wednesday afternoon. No #ads, no #collabs this time: nothing more than my honest opinion and will to support hard working, honourable people.

As for my outfit; I got the pants and top at Subdued in Winter! There are absolutely no words to describe the comfort of the glittery pants. Also I’m happy that I had a beautiful two-day relationship with the top, because in some way or another I managed to break the straps. RIP Britney Spears attitude.

These pictures are taken a while ago, but glitter and coffee never go out of style, do they?

Love, Ornella

I was wearing; ❤ Flavio Castellani blazer ❤ Subdued top and pants ❤ silver necklace from a shop in Ios, Greece ❤

















❤ Pictures by P Elle Photographie

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