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Hi sweeties

Last week I was so busy with school, I didn’t found the time next to launching our awesome lingerie give away to write you about the super event I’ve been to the week before!

& Other Stories. I’ve written a shoplog before about this amazing clothing chain, and guess what? A few days later I got an invitation for the opening of the new store in Ghent. Lucky me!

To be sure of good company I took one of my best friends Jasmien with me (she studies in Ghent), and I think we can both tell it was an amazing experience. To be honest, I didn’t expect it to be organized this big and crazy. So my expectations were more than satisfied! Let’s take a look together at the whole event via these pics!









These guys looked so iconic and fab, I asked if I could take a picture. Especially the one with the beard caught my eye, I bet for a million yours too!


It was love at first sight with these above! Unfortunately, it really didn’t look like anything once they fitted around my foot. Haha.


Oh well, thanks a lot & Other Stories!




I even met some people who are known in Belgium! It was kind of a starstruck when I saw Tiany Kiriloff! Tiany is such a source of inspiration, since she’s a blogger too, with a beautiful style. Check her articles here.

Having an addiction to a particular soap: so so guilty. I met two young actresses from ‘Thuis’, so no way Jasmien could stop me from asking a selfie. Now it’s shining on my Instagram feed! (little proud hihi)



Last but not least, every visitor got a treat. I chose some oversized silver earrings. Will be feautured on TSC soon! (Together with my buys, of course)
I had a blast, and was really thankful I got invited to this event. Definitely going back there!

Whenever in Ghent, make sure you make a stop at Veldstraat 2!

PS: Before the opening, I went to a restaurant with quite a weird concept. Soon hotspot about this place online!

xo ornella

  • Claudia
    maart 24, 2015

    Oeh dat ziet er goed uit. Ik ben er al een paar keer langs gelopen, maar nog nooit naar binnen gegaan.

    • Ornella Sacré
      maart 27, 2015

      Moet je echt eens doen! xx

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