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Dear reader, passer-by, TSC-adherent, or just curious spectator

It’s one of the most beautiful days of the year today, because The Sacred Closet is celebrating its one year anniversary!! One year goes by so fast, and although I have the impression everything just started last week… I can’t deny so much happened and changed in that period. Not only the blog changed through the months… No. Also I have changed.

The past year, I experimented with different types of blogposts, making The Sacred Closet a blog dealing with pretty variable subjects. I can say that I found out for myself what I really love talking you about, and what I like less writing a whole page about. So my interests have changed, but not at all the crave to write. This blogger community is just amazing, and I’m happy to see that so much of them share the same passion as me: fashion and hotspots.

Last Fall, The Sacred Guy joined the team. The question that rises up everytime: who the bloody hell is this guy? It will be revealed in his next blogpost, which will be a promising one. I want to thank him in this way for the support he has given me on my TSC-journey, also in times when I thought the blog wasn’t good enough or when I compared myself too much with other bloggers. A common problem that I think every blogger goes through at some point. The Sacred Guy made me realise there is just no need to worry, because whatever another one does or how their blog looks, they will never be you. Result: one super happy blogger over here!

Of course, all of the people that make my pictures deserve to be mentioned. I know, I know, I’m not always the easiest person with photos or striking poses haha. But I’m blessed that I just can be myself with them, making ugly faces and be crazy from time to time (better make that all the time). My boyfriend, friends, step father, but in particular Annelies Schrevens, one of my best friends who shoots like 80% of my outfits. Thanks so much. I wouldn’t stand where I am now without you!

The biggest thank you still goes out to you. Thanks for reading all of this over and over again, and I hope you love this blog and the writing I do as much as I do. To a lot more The Sacred Closet years!

So… Ready for a little recap? I picked some of my favourite outfits I wore this year. You can find some of the articles below the pictures! I put some backstage (crazy) pictures in between. They represent me so well, no further words needed.




I find this one of the best outfits I ever showed you on this blog! Also the shoot was so much fun: Pastel it up!



The biker look! Absolutely love it! I remember I was going crazy about the motorcycle and almost harassed Annelies to be sure she would take a picture of me with it haha: Biker Chique.


That summer in Kemer. Hmm. Kemer’s Secret.





Oh how I adored this day! Annelies and me went to M Museum last year and the results were so beautiful! I dipdyed my hair the other way around: so instead of bleaching the points, I wanted them darker. Something that was very pretty when my hair was curled by the hairdresser, but what looked a bit weird once my hair got back it’s normal shape haha. This week I’m going back there with Annelies. Get ready for another awesome outfit post!



The Agadir Diaries: my first Triangl and a walk in town.


Test shoot to improve Annelies’ skills in Ostend!



Spot my Nikies Air Force 1 two times! Dungaree like and with a Birkin!



My 19th Birthday. Turning 20 already this year… It’s my birthday!





Not to forget: the amazing Mamuli shoot! Featuring Love Stories Intimates, Mesdemoiselles Paris, Marie Martens and more.



The collaboration with Must Have Knokke with my friend Julie.


The Chuck Bass tee: especially when Ed Westwick himself liked this picture on my Instagram page, you can believe I went nuts! Order yours via his facebook page. Baby it’s cold outside!

Some more outfits from:

I hope you liked to look back together with me at the past year. Now, I’m going to pop some champagne!

Enjoy your stay inside my Sacred Closet, every single day. And don’t forget that I love you.

xo ornella

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