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Hello loves!

How happy I am I have all the time for blogging again: it’s indescribable. Summer may have ended for some, for me, it has just started. In a few days I’m leaving for the trip of my life with my girls: island hopping in Greece. Santorini, Mykonos, Ios… Places I dream about to visit for years now. Be prepared for the pictures!!

Not too fast though: today for instance, nothing is going to make me leave my bed. Except for the restaurant food tonight!❤ In two days, I’m going to Antwerp Fashion Festival with my colleague blogger Matti from Tache de Beauté. Late night shopping and getting spoiled: definitely what I need right now. Annnnd we got front row seats for the fashion show! So excited!

I wanted to share with you for quite a while now my favorite Instagram feeds of fellow bloggers. I love scrolling through their feeds for the prettiness, and also to get to know about their new blogposts. These are the girls that inspire me the most, so why not sharing their feeds so you could get to know them too?



By far my ultimate favorite blogger. Claire, the girl behind the blog, is Belgian like me and a real rising star when it comes to her blog. With publications in the newspaper and collabs with known brands, I think she’s on the good way to make great things happen. Not only is she successfull, for which I admire her, she’s also as sweet as a cupcake. And, she’s not the kind of blogger that only wears designer stuff, but shows you how to combine more expensive clothes with things from Zara, H&M… As pretty as her Instagram feed: proud to represent Belgium with this gorgeous co-bloguette, because fashion is not about how many money you have, but about what you do and express with your style!



Stephanie, a real it-girl. Her travelling schedule would make anyone jealous, haha! Since she has recently been to Santorini and Mykonos, I digged her blog some more to discover about some nice places to go and shooting spots! Outfits always on point, this travel blog will make you constantly dream of better places.



One of the rare people who get away with white hair. She’s a real stunner from the Netherlands and I’m crazy about her style. Although I’m more like the colourful-glitter-extravagant type of girl, Amanda never fails to amaze me with her pictures and sense of style. If you’re looking for some minimalistic blogs and Instagram feeds to follow, you’re at the right address here.



Too much gorgeousness on one feed. The thing that makes her stand out from the rest is her fitness diary on the blog. Lydia reveals her secret skin care and hair routines, that with a mix of great outfits = success guaranteed. Her boyfriend makes all of her pictures, and she returns the favour for him. Yes, that’s right. Her boyfie blogs too. Now, how hot is that?! Oh and don’t forget to follow her super cute cat with tiger printed fur lumibengal!



Yaaasss hunny, another Belgian in line. This feed is somewhat ‘darker’ than the others, but I love the grungy part of it. It gives the variety to my Instagram moments! Joya started her blog and immediately had lots of followers, and I think her unique and outstanding style, as well as her feeling for capturing the right moment (plus adding the right filter to it obviously) has everything to do with it. There are no two feeds like hers, so huphup, go take a look!



Again, a Belgian, to end this beautiful line. Lima Ché is a known fashion influencer and model, and I think her style matches best with mine. Lots of colours and extravagant prints, just how I like it! How I’m in love with her rainbow colored Valentino heels… A real example for every blogger! And a great plus: she always has something nice to say to her followers.

Let me know if you discovered some new great feeds this way, I’ll be happy to hear it!

xo ornella

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