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Hello dear, how are you today?

Near where I live, in a beautiful landhouse surrounded by trees (tree house inclusive) is situated a gorgeous conceptstore, called Mamuli. The TSC team already bombed Facebook and Instagram with a huge teaser, and now here it is. The dreamy images of our collaboration, shot at Kasteel Gravenhof by my talented friend and -I am very proud of the following- member of the TSC team, Annelies.

Every time I visit the Mamuli store, it’s like I enter a big big playground for my eyes and heart. They have so much beautiful stuff, I never know what to claim first haha! What I seriously think is a huge plus to this conceptstore, is the fact that they offer their clients tea or coffee in between shopping, and have a chat with the shopkeepers themselves. In Summer, you will be able to sit on their little terrace while sipping your beverage. Coming to Mamuli is quite similar to relaxing after a long day, escaping the real world for a while. And shopping the most exclusive collections of course, let’s please not forget about that!

Since I am a huge lingerie lover, and I actually even made it my hobby to look everywhere for cute new sets of lingerie, I had a blast shooting the Love Stories Intimates collection they have at Mamuli’s. I am absolutely a fan of this brand. You have the opportunity to mix the panties and bras, which I think is so fun because of the beautiful countless combinations you get. The sets are absolute stunners, and yet so comfortable.

Apart from the lingerie, we also shot a total Mesdemoiselles Paris outfit in the green surrounding of the castle. While having a look around at the store last week, I spotted their new Summer collection in off-white, silver and gold colors. I already bought some beautiful blouses of this brand here before, and I’m so in love with them, I could wear them to bed. So I think it makes sense the new collection directly caught my eye! Everything perfectly matching with my new Linda Farrow by Philipp Limm round sunnies (pour voir la vie en rose) and Marie Martens (Belgian top designer living in the romantic Paris) Ibiza bag, of which I take care preciously. I already wore it every day since I got it from the Mamuli store! The golden Maison Louise headband gives the perfect nonchalant yet super chique effect I always strive for.

Whenever you are in town, make sure you make a pitstop at this conceptstore. You will be welcomed warmly, and leave with some unique new wardrobe pieces. If you have any kids, don’t hesitate to bring them with you. They will have the time of their lives. And that’s how suddenly, all of your future daydreams will contain that little Mamuli sprinkle.

I will see you soon, and maybe, just maybe, one day we will have a nice chat or laugh uncontrollably together at Mamuli’s with a cup of orange tea in hands.

xo ornella

PS: Don’t forget to keep an eye on our facebook page, because an awesome give away is coming up which you can’t miss!


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Mamuli Conceptstore
Nachtegaalstraat 198
1501 Halle

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  • Laure
    maart 15, 2015

    Ik ben ook fan van Love Stories, wat een prachtige setjes hebben ze toch, zou meteen alles willen kopen:-)

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