Four ways to wear your sparkle heels: #4 Shades of Blue

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Hi guys! A new week, new look! It’s the last ‘sparkle heel’ one I’m showing you, and actually that thought makes me a little sad. I had so much fun with the team shooting this series of sparkle heel-looks, I’m almost dying to get back on the streets with them again and show you tons of outfits in my sacred closet. Unfortunately, I realise that I have to focus on my studies this month. Yes, you guessed it right: it’s that time of the year again. Finals…

Although I love what I do when it comes to my educational interests and studies -because honestly, I wouldn’t see myself in any other direction or with any other life goal- blogging and writing you really comforts me. I love to read through your sweet comments, here and on other social media. I love to show you something new each time. I love to tell you about my days, exciting adventures and more important: what’s really going on in my head. I love to go on a hotspot hunt and share my secret favorite places with you. I love to buy a new wardrobe piece and immediately go shoot it for you to see. I love fashion. Guess all of that is what makes me me!

So, it’s clear that I will be more absent than in other circumstances. But never forget that I’m still here. Sure as hell I will take breaks and write you an awesome blog post. I’ve got some real nice things in the archives that are waiting to be developed and released to the world. Oh, and I will be active on Instagram every day, so be sure you follow @ornellasacre!

Now, enough about exams. What about the outfit I chose to be the last sparkle heel-look?
Well, (I was going to shut up about it but here’s one last thing) when in finals I just can’t stop scrolling, dressed in snuggly pj’s, on Asos or Choies. And it was on such a boring study day that I saw this baby blue playsuit on Asos! Love at first sight. I didn’t doubt a second and a week or so later it was hanging proudly in my closet! The fringed jacket is from Gypsetters, a really cool brand with a sort of hippie style. I found it on a day trip to Amsterdam! The combo with an Essentiel clutch does the trick every time. You can combinate them with way more than you initially think!

Which way to wear your sparkle heels do you prefer? City Chic, Business Babe, Gaëlle Girl or this one?

I will see you soon, and I wish all of you students the best of luck!!
Always yours,
xo ornella












Playsuit: Asos // Jacket and necklace: Gypsetters // Heels: LODI Shoes // Clutch: Essentiel Antwerp // Bracelet: Rita&Zia

Pics by Annelies Schrevens, and a special thank you to The Sacred Guy.

  • Edelwess
    juni 28, 2015

    Honnêtement tu es sublime avec cette tenue, ça ta vas tellement bien: les tons bleu, les coupes, les matières, tout!

    • Ornella Sacré
      juli 2, 2015

      Thanks so much! xxx

  • Naomi
    mei 20, 2015

    As always, stunning photos!

    XO Naomi in Wonderland

    • Ornella Sacré
      mei 21, 2015

      Thanks pretty!x

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