Four ways to wear your sparkle heels: #2 Business Babe

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An outfit to wear to business appointments, or even college? This week’s sparkle heel-look shows you how to dress formal and credible, without neglecting your inner splendour.

Whenever I wear this shirt, I have to admit it makes me feel like a law student (no offence by the way). Especially in Winter, I can wear it as well with my brown leather boots from Scapa. But as you all know me, the glits and the glam predominate almost everytime. -Now does that make me the med student I am or is it just me?- Plus, it gives a way more classy look at your rendez-vous, combined with a blue blazer! -Yeah, I guess it’s just me.

Okay okay, it’s true: we are taught absolutely NOT to wear ripped boyfriend jeans to our business meetings. But why the hell wouldn’t we? I think that if it makes your outfit perfectly complete, the daring you show off makes a lot of impression. Your personality and style is what makes you YOU, with all of your capacities!

This week I’m hitting the streets again with the team for the last two looks. I’m already very happy with the past two, do you love them as much as I do?

Have a wonderful week guys!

xo ornella

PS: I got a tip from a reader to do a sneaker-special. Something that is now definitely on my blog to-do-list!







Shoes: Lodi Shoes // Ripped jeans: River Island // Shirt: Ballade // Earrings: Lino&Lana Lier // Bag: Chanel

  • Naomi in Wonderland
    mei 8, 2015

    Stunning photos! Love the entire outfit and look. I wish I could way in heels more easily since I love how they make me look haha.

    • Ornella Sacré
      mei 10, 2015

      Heels are heaven! But unfortunately after a while, very painful. I feel ya girl!x

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