Four ways to wear your sparkle heels: #1 City Chic

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Hello guys! Like I announced in the previous diary post, I thought it would be a cool idea to show you four ways to combine your heels with. Heels with sparkles, in this case! I am a huuuuge fan of sparkles, so most of the time I add it in whatever I’m gonna wear. That can be this ripped pants I’m wearing, a bag, even a whole shirt full of that stuff. So let’s be honest, a pair of sparkle HEELS just can’t lack in the wardrobe of a girl like me, right?

This first look is a perfect outfit to wear for a chill afternoon in the city. Drinking cocktails with friends, visiting a few shops and last but not least: going to a fancy restaurant for dinner with your boyfriend. As I am a supporter of a nonchalant and effortless look, I think this outfit does great on that matter.

What do you guys think? Would you wear this to city? Or maybe for something else?
Stay tuned, because next week it’s time for #2 Business babe.

xo ornella











Heels: LODI Shoes via Queens Halle // Top: Mez Basse // Destroyed jeans and belt: River Island // Clutch: Essentiel Antwerp // Necklace: Rita&Zia // Earrings: Veritas

Pics by TSC-team member Annelies Schrevens

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  • Dawn jividen
    oktober 4, 2015

    What are the name of these River island jeans with sequins I love them and everytime I try to find them even used I cannot when did they come out what year and there name I need to find them so bad in a size 10 or 12

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