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Earlier this week I met up with two other bloggers that I got familiar with last year in Ghent during a big blogger date. We have become friends ever since! Now we’re a little less than a year later, about time for catching up! Michelle, Laurence and I saw each other again in Ghent for the Atelier Rebul event. Afterwards, we had a lovely lunch at one of Ghent’s hidden gems: Gust. Satisfied, we took some pictures on our way to -what else than- another bar by the Graslei. How I loved our little girls trip!


Atelier Rebul is located in the Veldstraat, or better the heart of the city. This French cosmetics brand recently opened its doors in Hasselt, as the first one in a row of Belgian stores (YAY!). We were invited to get acquainted with their new gamut of hair- and skincare products, home scents, lotions, perfumes and eaux de cologne. Actually Atelier Rebul holds all the trumps, because next to launching only all natural products, their formulas are also designed by recognized pharmacists. Just so you know that you won’t be putting another bottle of crap on your face and body. We were able to fill our own personalized bottles of our favorite eau de cologne: I got my boyfriend ‘Green Tea’. For my own ‘Sacred Scent’, I chose the Lavender inspired one which is sooo good. Really!












Atelier Rebul; Veldstraat 57, 9000 Ghent.


With grumbling bellies we pursued our expedition to GUST. A little further away from the city centre is located this cute brunch & lunch bar. I had scrambled eggs and bacon (nothing special, I agree haha). Michelle and Laurence had American pancakes and banana bread, I must say I got a little jealous gazing at their plates! To finish we shared an apple crumble together. Definitely a place I’d return to since prices and quality match up to each other, something I find more and more important.
Fact: do not wait until someone shows up at your table from behind the bar to take orders, because GUST is a little DIY when it comes to this! There are notebooks and pens on every table to write your orders down, then bring it to the person behind the bar yourself.





Gust; Annonciadenstraat 4, 9000 Ghent.

It did me good discovering another part of Ghent in company of friends I don’t see that often. Since I’ve been there only like 3 or 4 times in my life, this city is all new to me every time I visit it. I feel like there’s so much more left to discover! One of the most fun things for me to do is visiting coffee bars and just hanging there for hours. I can talk to friends, take a break from shopping or work on the blog or for school. I’m used to do that in my own student city, Leuven, but I’m more and more likely to believe Ghent is another place to be.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, the first one after a long time. I will be reviewing some products by Atelier Rebul on my trip to Romania with my boyfriend, for which we’re leaving tomorrow morning. I tried some of them out already and I’ve rarely been happier with other skin care products. Stay tuned for that! BTW; for my fellow students in Leuven: a new Atelier Rebul shop is opening in August in the Diestsestraat. ❤

Love, Ornella

I was wearing:   Marccain flower top (sales)

                                                                               SheIn black denim skirt & SheIn black loafers

               Pimkie belt (old co)

                      Boutique Moschino shoulder bag





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