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Hello girls, this is it. #TheLastPost of 2016. Now before I make you cry I want to thank you guys for another year full of support and TSC-fun. I hope that in 2017, we’ll meet here just like we always do and that I will be able to grab magnificent opportunities and share ’em with you afterwards. Before that, unfortunately, we got exams to pass. Therefore TSC takes a little time-off to concentrate on my n°1 goal in life: becoming a doctor. “It’ll be fun they said”Haha, please don’t mind my level of humor these days. Anyway, in terms of study breaks, my friend from college Clara helped me out with this quick shooting in the heart of our city.

Apparently I’ve been a good girl, because Santa Claus Zalando did not forget about me this year! Everybody (except for the people who lived in caves several kilometers underneath the surface this year) knows about this massive choker hype and personally I am a fan too (more of the glittery and lacy ones though). Butttt there’s nothing special about ’em anymore so that sucks. Which is why, I opted for this choker top! Brutal yet classy. It’s for sure that this top combines best of both worlds: your deep love for chokers, and a pretty blouse. Ka-chinggg!

Since I’m NOT attending fancy parties at the moment and libraries or auditoriums have been my favorite hotspots lately, I decided to combine my choker top with a simple, high-waisted, black jeans (perfect fucking fitttt) and my new burgundy velvet babies by Steve Madden. I mean, how perfect can a shoe be.

Btw, in approximately 2 weeks my advice on how to wear your choker top (plus the more fancy party-explanation, I swear) will be online on the Zalando site (in Dutch)! I’ll keep you up to date on that matter.
Good luck to all the students with exams! I’ll be back soon, and in the meantime I’ll be active on Instagram (ornellasacre).

Have yourself a very merry Christmas and pop some bottles on New Year’s! XOXO
Love, Ornella











❤I was wearing: Tommy Hilfiger jeans, Missguided choker top, Steve Madden burgundy velvet boots all via Zalando, Essentiel Antwerp lammy jacket, Pull&Bear pink velvet choker and Abercrombie purse.

❤Pics by Clara Merckx

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  • john
    december 25, 2016

    schoen broek jow x

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