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Hi everyone! I’m finally back with a brand new outfit post. How I missed you guys!!

As you all know I took a ‘blogging-break’ for a month now, so I would be able to study (& don’t do anything else..) for my medecine exam. It was one horrible month, but I’m so happy I can tell you I passed it!! It’s like I’m waking up every morning in some sort of dream. Finally I can make my dream come true: becoming a doctor. I worked a whole year to get to this point, and it feels really good I finally made it!



So Monday, I’m starting all over again. A whole new college year, full of exciting things to come. I can’t describe how glad I am that I can share my experiences and inspiring moments with you guys. The fact that people like you and me actually show interest in what I do and read my stories, pleases me. Besides, starting this blog is certainly one of the best decisions I made in my life so far. I am grateful for every chance I get, on every domain, and be sure I’ll grab them all! But I wouldn’t have made it to this point without my readers. Therefore, I want to thank all of you for supporting me. THANK YOU!



Back to where it’s all about: fashion and business!
Yesterday, I went to a business lunch of Artemis. Artemis is a well known association for successful women with different professions and interests. They gather every month for lunch, dinner and so on. There are always fun and interesting lectures given. The actual goal of the meetings is networking. But Artemis also wants women to empower each other, and make them listen to and learn from other point of views. I am quite the youngest member in Artemis, but I’m already a big fan. My opinion is that it’s really important for women to gather and empower, make something successfull out of what they do. Rather than be jealous and envious of one another. Because that doesn’t make any sense and doesn’t bring you a step further to your life goals, right?


The lunch took place on a beautiful location: De Warande in the very heart of Brussels. I decided to put on my new silver pencil skirt and cropped top from Asos. They just held big sales, so I took advantage! Be sure you take a look on their site every two weeks, they got so many nice items! It wasn’t very difficult for me to choose a pencil skirt to wear to this business lunch, because I love this type of skirts! It looks formal and at the same time it gives you an accessible and classy charisma. My studded black heels are from Florence, where I was last year in September on my Italy-Croatia trip with the girls. I thought my blood red LV bag would match perfectly. And in fact it does, doesn’t it?

Have you already been in De Warande? Or do you attend this type of meetings yourself from time to time?

With Love,

Pencil skirt & cropped top: Asos
Heels: Primadonna
Bag: Louis Vuitton

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