Balls & Glory Ghent: Handcrafted Meatballs

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I kept talking about the mysterious hotspot I’ve been to in Ghent, the evening of & Other Stories’ opening. Both having high expectations, Jasmien and me decided to eat something at I bet every hipster’s favorite place to stay: Balls & Glory.

Balls & Glory is a restaurant where you can eat the most delicious, handcrafted meatballs. They all have a special filling, and that’s what makes this concept so unique. Have you ever eaten a chicken meatball filled with apple, or with bacon and chervil? It sounded weird to me, but the cook managed to surprise me. In a successfull way!

Immediately after you enter the restaurant, you are asked by the waiters what kind of filled meatball you desire. Yes, before you get the chance to even take seats! You get to chose between a salad or mashed potatoes to accompany your meatball. Afterwards, they lead you to a free place to sit and wait (not long at all) for your meatball to arrive! Their long table with like a hundred places all next to each other made me feel like as if I was sitting in Le Pain Quotidien.

What I thought tasted divine, was the superyummy curry sauce they served with it. It seems such a weird combo at first, but it’s actually a true delicacy everyone should try.

This whole meatball-concept was invented by Wim Ballieu, a known Belgian cook. I think it’s a fun and extraordinary way to have meal together with your friends and family! Although, I have to admit I wouldn’t pass by every week. I had the feeling that I could come back in a few months, because personally this type of restaurant isn’t really a place I’d go every two weeks. I know, I know. It may sound a bit cheesy, but I still prefer the less-hipster but modern, cosy, romantic restaurants!








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