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Hello readers, finally I have some more time for you! In a week exams are over, so be ready for a bombing of outfit and diary posts from abroad ! Hope you are as thrilled as I am, because really, I can’t wait to stand in front of the camera again and write, write, write like I never did before.

Because with this cold weather and my sunny prospects (heading to Morocco in 10 days, yay!), I couldn’t help it and caught myself on checking out the beautiful Spring/Summer collection from Vera Mont. They have the most beautiful dresses ever, for any occasion. Since I’m a girly girl (somewhat edgy from time to time, but for summer dresses I prefer to go colourful!), their designs are real heaven to me. I picked my favourites to show you! Since I’m blessed with long legs I prefer to wear short dresses rather than long ones. But I have to admit that a long dress looks so classy! I would love to have a Vera Mont hanging in my closet, to pick it out at the perfect occasion. Spring break parties, a gala, or just dinner for two… A colourful dress makes everything better, right?





Just in case black is the dress code and there’s no way you can get away with it… This beauty will do.


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