Clouds Of Fashion: The Urban Wanderer Collection is out!

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Hi guys! In somewhat more than a month it’s finally there: the 3rd edition of the  Clouds of Fashion fashion show! This year, it’s all flower-themed. I really can’t wait to walk around in COF’s Flowergarden and have one of the most memorable fashion nights ever, can you?

You may remember our give away of a ticket to the show, shop and afterparty. Happy as a kid I now pronounce you COF’s new collection, and maybe it’s not all flowery as their event theme, so you could score an outfit for the fashion show at the store already, it’s still full of pretty pieces that I wish I could teleport right into my closet. Yesterday, I made a selection of my favorites. In other words: a selection of what I would like to wear too. Let’s take a look together!

Patch it up!


I’m a huuuuge fan of everything that’s patched, treated, badged… You name it. Wear the patched pants with a simple top, checkered shirt wrapped around your waist and motor boots for the ultimate rock ‘n roll look. You rather keep it classy? Combine the plicated nubuck skirt with a patched shirt and white sneakers!




Queen of sequins


A blogpost without my beloved sequins, glitter and everything that’s shiny: pretty impossible! This part of the new collection is my true coup de coeur. Personally I would wear the green sequin pencil skirt and comfy sweater with a pair of mountaineous nude heels (+ them red soles by preference, haha!). And although I never wear backpacks, except for my Chanel like one from time to time when I go to college by bicycle, these gold and silver glitter ones stole my heart. Perfect for a trip with friends in case you don’t need to carry a lot around, or even college!




Ethnic prints

I don’t really consider this khaki blouse as ‘ethnic’, but I find it soooo beautiful. We see this type of blouse with laces everywhere, it’s a real hype and I can’t deny that it made me crack too. This one is definitely on my wish list! To be honest, I’ve never been the kind of girl to wear ethnic prints. I have never been attracted to these kind of clothes. Although it would still be weird to see myself wearing it, why not giving it a shot? I found this ethnic dress that I think is really beautiful, together with this cute Pocahontas-bag in daim. Think feathers in your hair for the final touch and fringed daim boots, and you’re ready for 2016’s festivals. Laurentine, the owner of COF is selling three types of ethnic style: romantic, office and tough.




Denim basics


For the real Urban Wanderers, COF has a wide denim collection. Skinny jeans, denim shirts and even skirts: all rough chicks will find what they like. Combine your denim outfit with the perfect leather jacket and you’re ready to go anywhere. My eye especially fell on the ripped skinny jeans and the denim shirt.





Can’t wait to meet you guys at the show in March! What are your favorite pieces? Tell me in the comments 🙂

Love, Ornella

❤Shop everything @ COF shop: Nationalestraat 79, 2000 Antwerp
Or on the COF site

❤Don’t have your tickets to the show on the 26th of March @ Waagnatie Antwerp yet? Go get them here!

❤Via Wavemakers PR

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