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Maybe you remember my last post on Atelier Rebul, in which I took you with me on my daytrip to Ghent. I still had to write a review about the Atelier Rebul products I got at the opening of their second shop, and I believe now is the perfect time to share it with you guys.

For my trip to Romania with the boyfriend, I was still in search of some luxury bathing products to relax at the end of the day. Overloads of sunbeams, sand, sea, sweaty hiking trips… They all damage the ONLY skin we live in. Therefore I wanted some products of good quality, because nowadays I find that my skin deserves only the best. It was at Atelier Rebul that I found my lucky charm: a scrubby, nourishing showergel as well as my signature perfume that I’m wearing almost every day now. Everything is from their Istanbul range, which I find by far the best. I even read on the Internet that this range has become Istanbul’s signature scent. What I find so special about it are the pinetree and incense-y notes. These make a scent always so much more unique, and uniqueness was exactly what I was looking for!

I think we can all agree to the fact that it’s hard to find good products that don’t dry out your skin these days. All Atelier Rebul products are 100% natural. And maybe this was the main trigger I needed to reach out for this brand instead of another one! Even the scrub particles in my Istanbul showergel are made of little stones found in nature. I really love to use this scrubgel because it’s not too aggressive for my skin like many other products are. It doesn’t contain any parabens, and gives your body a vitamin E boost. The scent also stays waaaay more long, just like the perfume. My boyfriend repeatedly put forward throughout the evening that he kept on smelling pine tree everywhere! I also chose a home set with the home scent and sticks. You’ll see it show up in a little video I’m going to make about my new crib in Leuven, to which I’m moving at the end of September.

If you have any questions about Atelier Rebul and their products don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m truly a HUGE fan of this brand so I’m sure I will get other things from their shop in Leuven -that’s coming soon- as well!

Enjoy the pictures that we shot in our Airbnb in Bucharest. We had a great time in our Scandinavian decorated appartment! For all inquiries about it you can always send me a message here, on Instagram or Facebook as well 🙂
Love, Ornella





Atelier Rebul: Veldstraat 57, 9000 Ghent
I received some of these products for free, however I always share my true opinion about them. I believe this is the only way to give you the best advice and to uphold the credibility of this blog, which I both find very important!

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