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Christmas is only a week ahead of us and I feel impatience tingling in my stomach already. To say it in the most cliché way: it is and will always be the most beautiful time of the year!  However, it is inevitably also the time to study your ass off. To dream somewhat away and keep the Christmas spirit alive, I decided to write you an article about my weekend in Zürich, where I visited a friend from med school recently. Needless to say I fell in love with the city. It made me think of Berlin many times. Zürich houses a lot of more alternative shops, restaurants and bars, just like Berlin does. If I’m being completely honest, Zürich managed to sweep me off my feet maybe that tiny bit more than Berlin did this Summer. I’ve only been there for two days so I far from saw everything being worthwhile, yet I found it such a magical place! I wonder what it has to be like strolling through its little streets on Christmas day, or when the city is covered in snow. Anyway, in case your scheme allows it and you don’t have any plans for New Year’s or maybe even Christmas, or you’re an early bird for Summer plans: I’m pretty sure Zürich is always a good idea. To help you prepare your city walks, I listed up some hotspots below.


#1. To kick of the start of a weekend with friends, we had breakfast in a cute little bakery called Stocker Rigiblick. Warming up with cappu’s on sheepskin covered chairs, we wanted to know everything about each other’s latest plot twists in life. Quality time with the people that really matter are a really precious thing these days, so we took advantage of the occasion.




#2. We walked through the city all day, eating Heissi Marroni (or: roasted chestnuts) and visiting iconic places like the library of Law. We had high tea at Konditorei Th. Schober, aka the Christmas cave of Santa and his little helpers. You can eat everything here from soup and quiche to cake and epic desserts. They also have a really wide variety of tea: my favorite is still Lapsang Souchong. This place is a true must-do when in town!









#3. One of the more alternative shops I was talking about is Dada House (Cabaret Voltaire).  Dadaïsm is a cultural movement that started during the first World War in, yep, neutral Zürich. Adherents of dadaïsm support everything irrational and don’t obey standard rules. Most of ’em guys are completely crazy I guess when you see the art they create, yet I love them for not following the stream of dead fish. People that do their own thing regardless of what anyone has to say, deserve to be more in the spotlight. This place is great to score the funniest gadgets ever for friends, family, or yourself.





#4. That evening our friend took us to the Viadukt. As its name assumes, it is indeed a long viaduct with different shops, restaurants and even a market place underneath each pillar. If I may believe my friend this place is really booming and the neighbourhood where it’s located is becoming the next new place to be. That does not surprise me at all since I really loved the concept, also very Berlin-ish. So get your ass out there!






#5. After dinner (in a restaurant that I wouldn’t recommend to you and I also forgot the name -it was cheaper than the rest of Zürich but not good), we went for drinks at Frau Gerold’s Garten and Markthallen. Frau Gerold’s made me think of an early Christmas market at the city’s boundaries, with hot wine, a cosy atmosphere (and a restaurant that looked yummy). Eventually we ended up in Markthallen, which is big and crowded where you can eat or just have a drink and buy groceries in the market next to the bar. It’s a place you wouldn’t enter seen from the outside to be honest, but it almost radiates warmth when inside.







#6. Last but not least I want to share with you guys a must-visit coffee bar: Raymond Bar. It’s located near the high fashion district and they have the best hot coco ever! Perfect to warm up after a long time of window-shopping 😉 .






One of the greatest things I love, is to write about my adventures and the things I get to see while traveling. Switzerland stole my heart once more and I’ll be already back in February for skiing holidays! I can’t wait to make new memories (and pretty pictures ofcourse). I hope I managed to inspire you for your next trip with this post about Zürich! If you need any further recommendations, please ask like always. I’ll get back to you soon!

Love, Ornella



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