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About a week ago I had the opportunity to try out Foodtrotter’s first settlement, in the very heart of our capital: Brussels! I took my good friend Ysys with me, and what was meant to be just a nice conversation over lunch -exchanging some gossip maybe-, turned out as a fun, quality time-worthy afternoon with a shopping session at Avenue Louise.

When I received the invitation for testing the whole Foodtrotter concept, I was immediately impassioned. I’m a real sucker for food, and trying out things I don’t already know the existence of is something that I love to do. For example when I travel, I try to eat only food that’s related with the country’s culture. While reading the invitation I learnt that Foodtrotter offers a wide variety of world cuisine, prepared by star chefs and… packaged according to the newest and most sterile techniques for the food not to lose its flavours.

Yep, you’re reading it right. Packaged as in ‘meal kits’? If I’m being completely honest, we were actually a little deterred from the look of it. We’re two girls not used to eating prepped meals, we prefer cooking ourselves to make sure we get the right things inside of our body to be healthy and feel good. Not exactly the definition of food that comes out of a box… (except for sushi and pizza ofcourse). Nevertheless, the packagings pleased the eye with their Scandinavian, simple and pretty design. Well, why not giving it a go, we thought? Maybe we would be pleasantly surprised!

Retrospectively, that last thing is an understatement. We tried out several things such as Moussaka, big sushi-y pots (see photo’s to understand what I’m saying haha), sweet & sour pork as well as some juices we didn’t know about. Foodtrotter, you’ve got two new fans over here! I really loved the Misuko spirulina juice, and if I may trust the girl behind the counter, it’s really healthy as well. Oh, and I grabbed some FIJI water, because I was really curious about why the hell it’s so hyped on social media. The clear verdict? It’s just normal water like the cheapest one in your nearest supermarket, but packed in a fancy bottle for too many coins. I actually also wanted to try out their Chicken Tikka Masala, but I was so full that I managed to control my inner food demon.

Another plus about Foodtrotter is its really smart location. This concept is exactly what Brussels’ biggest business and shopping district needed, if you ask me. Not wanting to spend hours in an expensive restaurant for lunch with colleagues and partners, or as a shopping break is something that sounds familiar to many people. A quicker, more innovative way to eat clean and healthy is waiting just around the corner. Foodtrotter is on its way to become big business!

And in case you don’t like people, or you feel like staying home and snuggle in front of your tv, Foodtrotter will make you happy ONCE AGAIN. They work together with Deliveroo to bring you your favorite, prepped world cuisine assiette.

Bon appétit!
P.S.: I shot some pictures of my outfit afterwards. Tell me what you think!
P.P.S.: I’ve got a little present for you. The code ‘FOODTROTTER30‘ will get you a 30% discount on the whole world cuisine and drinks assortment. Another good reason to order or visit Foodtrotter now!
Love, Ornella












I was wearing: flared pink pants, white blouse, pompom sneakers from ZARA, Cartier watch, Hermès bracelet, Delvaux bag, green pompom on the bag from St Tropez’s market place, Zadig&Voltaire camel coat.

❤ Chaussée de Charleroi 27, 1060 Saint-Gilles (Brussels)
❤ Pictures by Ysys Denutte

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