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This week I had the opportunity to try out Bavet, an only pasta-serving restaurant that recently opened its doors in Leuven. Just like Matti and Marthe I was invited to taste and review the Bavet spaghetti, and that’s why we went all three together! I had a great time catching up with Matti, while Marthe and me just got to know each other that evening. Needless to say, the atmosphere was just right for a cosy girls (or rigourous critic?) night!

I never went to Bavet before although I wanted to have dinner there for a long time already. As you certainly know, I love discovering new things. Plus, as a blogger and hotspot advisor, I find I should know by heart and try out all places-to-be in my own student city. An impossible task, you think? Not for me! Anyway, I must admit that the opinions of my friends about Bavet were not that spectacular. All the more reason to have tried it myself and get pleasantly surprised ofcourse!

And yep, that is exactly what happened. I had the Bavet special, a spicy version of the classic spaghetti bolognese. I chose for brown pasta, and rucola, bacon and emmental cheese to top it off. You can choose between sizes varying from Mouse to Horse, I took the one in between (Dog) and it was just the right size! For me, it actually wasn’t spicy enough (my mouth can handle fire I swear) so I added more tabasco. But honestly, what a delish! Yes, without the rucola and bacon this dish would be nothing more than a boring spaghetti you eat at home. That’s exactly why I like their topping concept so much: you get indeed a personalized, original meal that’s not basic at all. Marthe had a spaghetti with creamy tomato sauce, mushrooms and onion crush, Matti went for the classic spaghetti bolognese with meat balls. A nice glass of wine made it all perfect and to finish, we treated ourselves to some Ben & Jerry’s!

I’m happy to have discovered Bavet and although spaghetti personally is the last thing I’d order in a restaurant, I’ll definitely return. The staff also was super friendly, which I find as important as the food itself! I had a squint at the menu for the prices too, which are totally okay and definitely not overpriced. The interior is modern with a twist, maybe somewhat hipster-y. A style I can appreciate, but I’ll let you judge for yourself by scrolling through the pictures!

Love, Ornella
P.S.: I’ve got great news, because you can win a dinner for your whole family or squad at Bavet!! The giveaway is starting from Monday on on our respective Instagram accounts (mine is @ornellasacre). No repost needed, I’ll post a link in my bio for a week where you only have to fill in a form. Crazy huh?! Fingers crossed! 😉









Bavet Leuven: Tiensestraat 22

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