TSGUY| Who am I? That’s a secret I’m about to tell!

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Hi guys!

The Sacred Guy speaking, once again. This time it’s not going to be about fashion or sports fashion shows, but rather about who I am. And about our amazing Sacred Girl herself.

I just came back from an amazing vacation in Bodrum, and Ornella has been pushing me all this time to finally reveal who I am. Although I didn’t quite like the idea at first, now I feel like it’s time. You may know me as TSGUY, but Ornella knows me as (drumrolls please)


Some of you know me, maybe even very well, and know Ornella and I have been dating for over a year now. But, some of you may not. So let me tell you a little more about myself before I tell you about my experience as a blogger’s boyfriend. I’m a 20 year old guy, studying Economics in Brussels. Like most guys I like sports and video games, way more than I like to admit… Before my The Sacred Closet-adventure I’ve never written articles for a blog before. Not even normal articles actually, so this is all new to me. The closest experience to blogging I can come up with is writing an essay, because when Ornella proofreads I feel like being graded! She makes me so nervous sometimes :D.

When Ornella decided to start a blog, we weren’t together, but once we were I noticed she had put so much effort into this blog already and that it was only the beginning! It’s amazing to see her eyes sparkle when she comes up with the next big idea for a blog post and decides what to wear for an outfit shooting.
Everytime we go somewhere I (because who else) absolutely need to take a picture of her posing in a nice place, just because she loves to share her experiences with you! I’m grateful she gives me the opportunity to be a part of her big adventure.


I admire her so much for making one of her dreams come true. Even though people were skeptical about this when she wanted to start a blog, she managed to pull this off. And you do have to admit: The Sacred Closet has turned out pretty amazing already! I think we’ll make a great team.

Now, being a blogger’s boyfriend makes things a lot more interesting!

1. Just picking something random out of my closet to wear, like I usually did, now seems so not done. I always have to keep in mind I’m getting judged by my very own stylist!

2. During the making-off of a blogpost helping her out with the little things takes the stress away for her to really go all in with the experience. And I’ve learned that stupid jokes I tend to make do NOT -I repeat: do NOT– make her happy in these occasions :D.

3. Right before we go to bed she needs a few good minutes to check out new possible trends to show or write about on the blog, on what else than Instagram. You should have seen her when she couldn’t check out Instagram for a week! I don’t even try to interrupt her during that time anymore, she’s off to her own magic place sitting on a new brilliant idea. For my articles I come up with things I’m interested in, but her tips always help to make sure the subject is something the readers will like too.


Hopefully this article makes it through the proofread (fingers crossed) and I can start using my real name to address you guys!
One word of advice before I leave you waiting for the next time TSGUY shows up: NEVER ever interrupt a blogger when she’s browsing Instagram!

See you next time, I’m off to find my next big idea for an article!

The Sacred Guy.

  • imke
    juli 17, 2015

    Super leuk geschreven!! Jullie zijn te schattig hihi

    xx Imke

    • Ornella Sacré
      juli 24, 2015

      Dankje Imke! Toffe blog heb jij ook xxx

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