NBA All Star Weekend: The Fashion Show 2015

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Hey everyone!

Finally, it’s my time to shine ;). Once again, I’m bringing you an article inspired by my interests, this time by one of my hobbies in particular!
You know, I’m a reaaaaaally big fan when it comes to basketball. So when I heard that the NBA was hosting their own fashion show sponsored by Samsung Galaxy in New York City at the All Star Weekend, Ornella and I immediately knew this would be a good idea for my next article!

I won’t let you wait any longer: three, two, one: tip-off!

Most of the players in the NBA have a very unique style. At the fashion show, Chandler Parsons, a player for the Dallas Mavericks, showed off his grey ensemble. This is a great outfit for those of us who want to look classy, with just that little bit more. Chandler’s outfit may seem a little dull at first, but luckily he combined it with an eye-catching tie. Another accessory would have been a great choice too. Anyway, Chandler is certain to get a room quiet when he enters. Also, the long coat and the briefcase he’s wearing sure give him that professional businessman look, don’t you think?

The next player I’m showing you is J.R. Smith, this badass plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers and shows us he isn’t kidding around! The dark blue suit with the black coat totally send a statement that he’s well aware of what’s hot right now. The fur around his neck completes the picture and shows us even men can totally pull fur off! Remember men, let the classiness get the upper hand and close those jackets!

Next one on the list is James Harden! Last year people called him “Fear the Beard” and when you see this picture you understand why! Luckily he doesn’t dress as scary as he looks and he has a very unique style! James Harden always brings something new to the table and again, what he’s showing here doesn’t prove that wrong.
I’m a fan of his light blue suit, and wearing it together with the colorful All Stars ( hey, it’s the NBA All Star weekend for something right?) surely makes him get noticed. Every time he leaves his home he has a special outfit picked out to show the world!

This last player is Lebron “King” James. He was the executive-producer for the fashion show, so naturally he had to come in style. Lebron James plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers and is by far my favorite player, so I was even more hyped to write about this event after learning about him organising the show. I find it an amazingly good-looking suit he’s wearing, but can I be honest? I’m a little disappointed he didn’t wear something spectacular to his event. What’s better than taking the spotlight at something you host?

I hope you all enjoy reading my articles, and maybe some of you are somewhat closer to finding out who I am?
Stay tuned for the next ‘The Sacred Guy’ episode.

See you, fellas!
The Sacred Guy

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