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Dear readers of The Sacred Closet,

Ever wondered if guys also have such a hard time to pick out that perfect outfit? Don’t tell me you think we just pick something out of the closet? And the most important: what does a guy’s outfit tell about him?

Well, that’s rude. I didn’t even introduce myself. You’re reading a piece of a fresh new writer for The Sacred Closet. And for now, I’ll keep my name for myself.

After long conversations with your host Ornella, and thinking about whether I’d do this or not, I finally gave in and decided to jump in the unknown. My job consists of helping Ornella out reaching a wider audience. And by that, I mean reaching also a male audience. I’ll write about fashion, men, and everything else when it comes to being a guy.

I must confess Im not exactly the most fashionable guy out there, and I’m certainly not worrying about my appearance all the time, but I know a thing or two about looking classy. And actually, I’m quite sure this is going to work out. Watch me!

Is there anything that you, or that you would want to know about men and fashion, or whatever topic when it comes to guys? Let me know in the comments below and I make sure to answer your questions with my next articles.

My identity? It will be revealed by 2015… TSC takes a little break because of the upcoming exams, to be back as never before at the end of January. Among other things, with this brand new section.

I’ll see ya!

Sincerely and with lots of inspiration,
The Sacred Guy.

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