This Was The COF Show 2016!

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Hi guys!

Last week, I attended the Clouds of Fashion Show at Waagnatie Antwerp together with my most fashion-interested friends. As always, I made a photo report of the outfit I wore and of the event itself! I had so much fun with my friends and fellow bloggers that I’m already dreaming about what COF will come up with next year!

❤About the outfit:

As I mentioned in previous posts, this years theme was all flowers. The perfect occasion to wear my new flowery shirt from Julia June for the very first time! I chose to combine it with my oversized patched jean jacket with pink and red stones from a store in Saint Tropez (forgot its name, I’m sorryyyy guys I know it’s absolutely gorgeous!), and black leather plissé skirt from Zara. As finishing touch I added my golden headband from Maison Louise Collection and fierce pink & gold clutch from H&M. For the shoes, I decided to add some extra more flower details. These black beauties from & Other Stories are formed like flower leaves on the top. When the night turned more into morning I changed them for a pair of gold glitter sneakers with a touch of pink. I’ve never felt so flowery, pink and girly in my whole life guys. It seems like I’ve put a lot of brainwork into this outfit, phew!






❤About the event:

After knocking back our first glass of prosecco and taking some pictures in front of the Flower Wall, we went for a walk inside the giant Flowergarden. A couple of brands present were Antwerp Avenue with their genious phone and laptop cases, THE total greenie in fashionland: Social Issue, cosmeticary brand Cîme where you were most welcome for a ravishing hand scrub and massage and many more. A real eye catcher was COF’s range of boho clutches. Ideal to match almost every Summer outfit!

At around 8.30 pm it was time for the big climax: the fashion show. An enormous hall filled with Belgian’s most known fashionista’s, celebs, and ofcourse just fashion lovers like you and me were impatiently waiting for the show to start. I was impressed by the dance and singing acts, but I have to admit that my biggest WOW award goes to the moment that all of the models rocked the runway on steps on Jessie J’s Domino. Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of those 2 minutes ’cause I was too busy making snapchats! And sometimes, you just gotta enjoy the moment, isn’t it?

After the show we were greeted welcome in the shop. I had spotted some shiny musthaves on the runway, so you can imagine that I went looking for them like a crazy person. Although I’m more of the ‘over the top’ type when it comes to dressing up (suprise suprise), and COF mostly offers a lot of (pretty) basics, I managed to totally ruin my wallet for another time and bought a lot of Sacré pieces to complement my closet. You’ll see them pass by on this blog soon enough, no doubt about that!

After the show and our shopping session, I had a great neck massage in the Flowergarden, got a princess eyebrow job with full glitter treatment (I’m sure you’ve seen it on my Instagram), and glittered the night away at the fabulous afterparty with my friends and lots of cocktails. Now, it’s only waiting for the pictures the photographers of the event took of us to show up on Facebook haha!

See you next year, Clouds Of Fashion!
Love, Ornella























❤ A big shoutout to my friends for the one-minute outfit shoot (I kind of enjoyed the challenge of catching our arriving tram mixed with trying to look ab fab on picture haha), and for the incredible night. It wouldn’t have been that much fun without you guys.

❤ Last but definitely not least, I want to congratulate owner of COF Laurentine (pictures above in pink) for what se accomplished already at such a young age. A real example for all young entrepreneurs and the absolute definition of a badass lady without any fear to chase what her heart really cares about. You go girl.

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