Festival Fever With SuperTrash!

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Hi guys! With Summer coming closer and closer now temperatures hit over 20 degrees in Belgium (which will be the hottest place in Europe this weekend, apparently!), festival fever starts to show it’s first symptoms already. I’m pretty sure everyone is craving Summer as hell, especially now we are on the threshold of exams. As for me, I’m planning a trip to Thé Dansant and Voodoo Village in July, for the rest I’ll see where I end up! Anyway, what’s certain is my outfit. The brand that made my choice possible? SuperTrash!

Not that long ago, SuperTrash opened it’s doors in Leuven. The store is different from the ones in for instance Ghent or Antwerp, because it’s the first store that sells the whole collection of SuperTrash itself, and not of it’s sister brands (like ST Studio). Together, me and Sanne (the sympathetic store manager) chose an outfit ready to rock this Summer’s festivals. Keywords to describe it: brown daim, gold, denim and fringes, fringes, fringes.

Two days ago, Leuven organised it’s second Bondgenieten. You can visualize the event as a mini-festival on Leuven’s main street with delicious food and drinks. They even installed a beach on the road! All shops were open until 10 pm, and ofcourse everyone was most welcome at the newest SuperTrash store. Offered a glass of special beers and wraps, shopping was even more enjoyable. I too could not resist the temptation of buying some extra pieces to my wardrobe: brown fake leather pants, a fringed white blouse and a black hat to finish off my Summer outfits.

I enjoyed shooting this outfit to the fullest and I am so pleased with the results. I hope you like them as well! I’m already looking forward to the next time I’ll be shooting with the team IN FUCKING BERLIN, when exams are over. Next week I have l’Oréal‘s first worldwide Hair Fashion Night planned in Brussels, after that my focus will be entirely devoted to my study books. A less pleasant time of the year, but hey, I’ll be back sooner than you think.

What festivals have you planned this Summer? And more important: got any idea of your outfit already? 😉

Love, Ornella


























I was wearing:
whole outfit by SuperTrash, fringed Ibiza bag by Marie Martens, Dior sunnies, bracelets My Italian Friends Waterloo, Hermès belt.

❤Pictures by Annelies Schrevens

    mei 20, 2016

    Hele mooie post!


    • Ornella Sacré
      mei 20, 2016

      dankjewel! x

  • A cup of Julie x
    mei 15, 2016

    Zaaalige post & keimooie foto’s !!
    Ik zou zo graag een festival doen, maar helaas nog niets gepland voor deze zomer 🙁
    We zien wel, nu natuurlijk eerst examens, good luck babe!


    • Ornella Sacré
      mei 20, 2016

      ahhh ma ge hebt nog tijd! jij ook veel succes xxx

  • Yolisa
    mei 6, 2016

    Wauw Ornella echt enorm mooi, de laatste foto is mijn favoriet haha! En ZALIG met die McDo car!

    • Ornella
      mei 6, 2016

      Thanks Yolisa!! Haha ja die auto, ik moest daar gewoon een foto mee hebben, je kent me hehe ! Enjoy Amsterdam, foto’s die ik al gezien heb zijn ook supermooi!

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