OUTFIT | Italian Dreams with Boutique Moschino & Just Cavalli

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This look is definitely the opposite of what you expect to come out of my closet. All black, classic and serene. Certainly nothing tomboy-ish about it.  To me, wearing all black and formal clothes screams out hush and mystery.  Now, do those adjectives describe the girl that I am? Nope, even on the contrary. Although I think sometimes it’s fun to disguise and be someone else for a day. I’m sure you’ve got aaall the feels right there!

These last couple of weeks have been either a blessing and a curse. I got the opportunity to attend events and meet up with blogger friends I got really close with by now, like at The Grand Blogger Dinner or the Pressdays in Antwerp. This Friday you can find me in Antwerp again for the Weekday Store opening! I even made a United Wardrobe account (please follow me here) since I’ve got TONS and TONS of clothes that I don’t wear anymore. So that’s a good thing! But always being on the hustle between Leuven, Brussels, Antwerp or other parts in Belgium to visit family on a regular base sometimes takes its toll. The educational path that I’ve chosen requires (more than) good grades and for that I have to study a lot and well. I’m proud to say that I honestly love what I study and that if I were to decide once again, I’d pick medicine again. Nevertheless am I someone who’s frequently in doubt of her capacities, and I know you wouldn’t say so. Sometimes I am scared I try to do too much at a time, and I realized that being a ‘boss lady’ requires more of a person than just success, qualities and things you are good at. To build out this blog for instance, has cost me a lot of time and effort. Luckily writing and creating content is what truly pleases me, even though I (mostly) don’t get paid and I often share my own BOUGHT clothing on this site. All this to tell you, I’m not doing it for the presents. Do not get me wrong, I do get things for free and am grateful about the fact that I’m able to test and try out stuff of brands that inspire me. I will continue with The Sacred Closet as long as I’ll have the time and desire to do so! Due to my constant hesitations & urge to keep my life and shit together, the last couple of days I’m kind of dealing with writer’s block and my mind has been anywhere but with the blog. Fortunately I am a positive person and I’m sure that my inspiration and imagination to keep you posted with intelligent and non-boring content will come back. Something you’re truly good at can be forgotten for a while, but eventually it’ll always come back to you, I believe.

I hope you love this all black look that I wore on my 22nd birthday to dinner with my boyfriend and Mom. Everything I’m wearing (except for the shoes and bag) is 100% Italian by the way. I’m a true disciple of the motto ‘Dress Italian, drive German, kiss French, drink Russian’. Therefore Italian designers are always my favourites and nothing can equal the quality and honor of that. The dress and coat are both lifetime investments that look good on any occasion and that’s exactly what triggered me (not thinking about the price card lol). A girl can make her dreams come true, right?




I was wearing: Boutique Moschino black dress (similar here) ❤ Just Cavalli coat ❤ Primark heels (old co) ❤ Abercrombie purse (old co) ❤ Imagin Jewels ring and earrings ❤





















❤ Pictures by Annelies Schrevens

  • Monica adima
    november 14, 2017

    Hello beautiful! I enjoyed reading your post, I share your opinion (specially when I receive a gift and want to write something about it) in fact I do both😅 But only when I love the products.
    Your Italian look is really really awesome 👏🏽. Besides, your classy attitude is slaying❤️
    Have a lovely evening darling 😘

    • Ornella Sacré
      november 14, 2017

      Hi Monica,

      Your comment really touches me! You are such a fine and beautiful lady and I hope that in life you’ll get wherever you want. I’m happy that my look pleases your eye and will continue to make more personal posts like this one! Indeed you know how all of this works and sometimes that’s sad.

      Thanks so much for all of your compliments!

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