Pied De Poule And Leopard Pattern: Fluff Up Your Fall!

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Love, Ornella (2)

It had been drizzling on and off the day we shot this outfit, but luckily we managed to do so the moment it cleared up. Time to pick out the forgotten Mango pied de poule skirt and to add my new Essentiel fluff!

For the constant enthusiast that I am (and thus, the people in my environment), it is no surprise that I picked my highest fringed ankle boots to wear them that day. Turns out they aren’t so comfortable after all haha! Still, I love to wear them because they give every look, how simple it may be, the perfect finish I need. But I’m always glad when at the end of the day I can take them off, and yes, at that liberating moment my feet do have to adapt again to going barefoot haha. To add some more rock ‘n roll to the outfit, I chose to wear my gold and silver studded clutch.

We took advantage of the opportunity to highlight the jewelry of Juwelen Tegen Borstkanker once again. I assume you are quite familiar with the concept already! For all orders, just contact the owners of the Facebook page.

I’m currently really busy writing a special article for you that will be online next week. It’s a lot of work to formulate everything as perfectly as I want to… Totally different from all the outfit or hotspot posts, I can describe it as rather something personal and I hope that it’ll be useful for some of you. Until next week, my lips are sealed.

We shot these pictures in Leuven at a hidden spot I just came to know about by accident. I just love it when I end up in places I’ve never been before in a city I know so damn well. What’s your favorite secret spot?

Love, Ornella


















I was wearing:

Mango skirt, Milkywaysblueyes x Mais Qui Es-Tu tshirt, Essentiel sweater, clutch from Lino&Lana Lier, ankle boots from Bobo Tremelo.

❤ Pictures byAnnelies Schrevens Photography
❤ Hair by Annelien Boonen

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