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This is not my first post wearing jeans dungarees. Flashback to 2014, where I wore a shorter version of today’s showpiece. So I assume that, in case you’re following me here for a looong time already, the fact that I love to wear dungarees (because they always fit me super well and I kind of get away with any version of ’em) isn’t a secret anymore. Together with this piece that I chose to wear as part of my 2nd look for Karina Vom Berge, I discovered the brand TOXIK.

After wearing the dungarees several times I was amazed by how well they adapt to the shape of my body, without any uncomfortable feelings when wearing them for a long time. I googled the brand and apparently they’ve got a whole range of jeans in several colors, for almost no money (around €40). Since Karina Vom Berge houses TOXIK, I guess this will be my excuse to pay a visit once in a while.

My other crush of the week is this dreamy, pastel colored satin blouse from Rinascimento, a more known Italian brand that maybe you’ve already heard of. It is of the more baggy type, nevertheless I’d wear it in more formal occasions too. I think the pastel blue bag fits in here perfectly. An absolute gogo, don’t you think? 

About the footwear; you either love ’em or you hate ’em. There’s no in between, what makes me love my special babies even more.

Have a nice weekend girls!

XO Ornella

I was wearing; TOXIK dungarees ❤ Rinascimento blouse ❤ Nike Air Max 95 OG ❤ Bag KVB
via Karina Vom Berge, Leuven















❥ Pictures by Annelies Schrevens

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