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Now that I’ve shown you my beloved pompom sneakers, be ready for an -almost- full ZARA outfit again. I just can’t help it, they’ve got so many nice things in store lately! I found this flower skirt together with the white blouse while I was running through the shop, holding the concerned sneakers preciously. A few days ago, I curiously went in again to get a glimpse of the new collection and -once more- it’s to die for. I turned around quickly enough though, since lately all my money ever says to me is goodbye lol.

I shot this look with Annelies and my friend Ysys on an everything but sunny day in Leuven’s herb garden, one of my favorite places to take pictures. My sincere apologies for my incredibly white legs btw, I’m very aware of the fact that it’s not sexy at all for you to look at haha! Alas, I won’t have the time to let them tan properly in the near future since deadlines for my bachelor paper are coming up, as well as exams which will be there real soon. Ahhh I should start focusing on important stuff asap, however that’s really hard for me now that the blog turns three in a week!! I’m organising a great giveaway for the occasion this weekend on Instagram, so stay tuned. Can’t wait to spoil you again, I just love it❤

Personally, I don’t find these pictures the best shots ever taken of me. Yet in contrast to what many wouldn’t do, I decided to post them anyway. Honestly, since when did ‘the perfect shot’ and flawless faces become more important than what the portrayed person has to say? I see this phenomenon emerging more and more, and I noticed that a beautiful insta feed -with matching colors, DUH- now kind of is the real deal. People are less likely to click the link in your bio, to go on read your story in an article. They prefer scrolling a photoshopped, maybe even unreal photo gallery. And can we blame them? I think not, unfortunately this is the evolution social media created. That’s why I’m happy to see that there are still people who visit the blog regularly. Also, to hear your compliments in real life, is the best feeling ever. Thank you for that! The only purpose of this blog is to share unique outfits with you in an original setting and to keep you up to date on what’s going on in my life. My dreams, but also my sorrows, you guys know it all. So no, not always perfection here on TSC, but a real girl. And yes ofcourse, she’s flawed.

Love, Ornella










❤I was wearing: ZARA blouse & skirt, Berenice fringed sleeveless jacket, Stefano Tremelo shoes, Reminiscence boho earrings.

❤Pics by Annelies Schrevens.

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