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I hope that for those who already started a new year in school, everything went as you hoped for this first week. While your feeds are surely getting flooded with back to school-looks and outfit posts; well, I’m sorry but here’s another one!

As for me, I’m only getting back to college on the 1st of October. I’ve got a small month of vacay left, which I’m gonna spend entirely on the other side of the world. My plan is to visit Indonesia with friends and family, and I’m already looking so much forward to it. Get ready for some last bikini & summer paradise posts on the gram! If you leave me a comment from above your books, maybe I’ll think of you while sipping tea. Gracias a todos!

Anyway, enough with the jokes and the whole Summer-isn’t-over-yet-yesitis-noitisn’t!! bullshit. Let’s get a closer look on my college-proof outfit!
This black tule dress is a present I got from SheIn recently, since I get to work with them from time to time. I’d love to say it’s all comfy and everything but unfortunately; it’s not. The seams of the sleeves cut in my upper arms when I tend to move too much, which is really a pity since I find it so pretty. In contrast to my checkered Na-Kd blazer; which is a dream to wear on e-very-thing I have. I chose to finish off my back2college look with some old school black Pinko biker boots and fishnet tights from Calzedonia.

What are you planning to wear on the first day of school?



I was wearing;

Na-Kd checkered blazer & snake earrings ❤ Shein tutudress ❤ Pinko bikerboots ❤ Calzedonia fishnet stockings















❤ Pictures by Annelies Schrevens

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