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TRAVEL | 1001 Nights in Oman

By zondag, februari 25, 2018 0 Permalink

At the beginning of this month I left for an adventurous road trip through Oman, Middle East. My very first road trip and at the same time my first visit to the beautiful and famous Middle East. Two of my best friends joined in the fun and together we had a pretty great time. I ...

OUTFIT | Back to reality

By dinsdag, februari 13, 2018 0 Permalink

Coming back home from vacation two days ago, in this ice cold environment I was so happy to escape from for a while, I had mixed feelings. I wanted to take a fresh start at school and be the best version of myself, at the same time I felt like I really needed some more ...

OUTFIT | Dark Green Velvet Dungarees

By maandag, december 18, 2017 0 Permalink

Hello lovers ❤ Tonight I'm welcoming you on the blog for the last time this year, with an outstanding outfit I'm personally really fond of. The past few weeks I've been quite absent here, and also my every day posting on Instagram has diminished within the same timeframe. And although it's been good taking a break ...

FASHION | My Esprit Christmas Pick!

By donderdag, november 30, 2017 0 Permalink

Hello girls! Since today was all rainy and everything, I really didn't feel like going to class and face the outside cold cold world. I decided to just stay in with hot coffee and make you guys a first real Christmas party outfit selection before I hit the books! In order to get an overview of ...

LIFESTYLE | Welcome To My Crib!

By vrijdag, november 24, 2017 0 Permalink

Today I'm taking you with me on a typical, not so extraordinary day in my life. In this video I'm showing you the life I live everyday based on a zoom-in on my specific morning routine. Although I must admit that, considered the fussy life I live, this 'routine' is slowly turning into a rare ...

OUTFIT | The Pastel Pink Teddy Coat

By vrijdag, november 3, 2017 2 Permalink

I often get multiple questions from friends, family but also you regarding my favorite cities to shop.  Truth is I could come up with one, maybe two examples (like Antwerp & Brussels) that are anything but original. I mean who wasn't been in one of those yet, hoping to find something they're looking for? The ...

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