My name is Ornella

We don't do fashion, we are fashion.


est visitor and fashion addict, welcome to The Sacred Closet. As its name assumes, this blog is mainly made to give you a look inside my ‘sacred closet’. So, who is the person behind this blog? I am Ornella Sacré, a 21 year old girl from Belgium. Let me tell you something more about myself! As I was just a little kid, I used to wear my mother’s high heels and outfits in front of the mirror. Today, me and my mom are like best friends. I guess I got the fashion fever from her!

However this fever has caught me already at an early age, I didn’t always write about it. Before I started my own blog, I occasionally worked as a model. I learned a lot from it, and it only has strenghten my passion for fashion. It was from the moment that I discovered that I am gifted with writing and language skills that I thought it would be a great idea to share my outfits and opinions on the latest trends with the world. Started from the bottom with my first blog Princessblairdiary (yes, that’s right: named after my role model Blair Waldorf back in the days, haha) which developed more and more, and now we’re here!

I also blogged for Louvintage, a fashion & lifestyle blog of a Dutch girl who studies in Leuven with me. Because I spent so much time working for The Sacred Closet and I also study medecine, I unfortunately had to let go of blogging for Louvintage. I felt that it was time to focus on my own life goals, and with that in mind, I realised that I wanted to spent all of my time in my studies and my own blog.

My friends and family describe me as self-assured, daring, entertaining and out of my mind. I hope that you will enjoy your stay inside The Sacre(d) Closet every day of the week. Let it be an inspiration for your own!

Got any questions/want to work together/ideas for projects? Do not hesitate and contact me right away. I would love to hear from you!…
xo ornella